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goMobi reaching end of life July 1st, 2020

For years goMobi has provides a simple way to create mobile responsive websites for customers aroud the world. 

Unfortunately, Afilias Technologies, the company behind the goMobi Website Builder, has decided to discontinue the product. As of July 1, 2020, you will no longer be able to register or renew existing goMobi websites. You will no longer be to update your mobile website and eventually around the October timeframe the existing site will go offline permanently.

Please note that goMobi is not able to provide a means for website owners to retrieve the source code of their goMobi sites. Therefore, it’s crucial that website owners are take action now.

GoMobi Solutions is simply a reseller of the goMobi and unfortunately, we have no control or say in the matter however we do have some options for you going forward.

Update your site and save!

We understand that this change will have a big impact on goMobi users. This is why we are offering a few options for goMobi customers to help minimize downtime and cost through our hosting partner

Your Website: Reimagined

Look Amazing on Every Device with New Responsive Themes!

Easy DIY web builder and FREE hosting until July 31st

We offer the ability to build both regular and mobile websites using the Weebly website builder. By going this route, you will need to rebuild your mobile site from scratch, but since most goMobi sites are somewhat basic, this should not be a difficult task. We would setup a free GoStarter account along with the GoWeebly Basic until July 31st. After August 1st, you will be billed $7.95 for the GoStarter/GoWeebly Basic plan going forward. You can find more information about the Weebly Website builder here

Mobile responsive and 1 year of FREE hosting

Did you know that rather than having both a regular website and a mobile website that they can be combined into a single website that responds to the type of device viewing it and formats the website accordingly?
That’s exactly what a responsive website does. If you are interested in having us retro fit your existing site into being mobile responsive, please just let us know the link to your main website and we can provide a quote to make it responsive. As part of this process, we will throw in 1 free year of web hosting to help offset the cost!

Custom site re-design

Are you interested in a total rebuild of your main website or mobile site where we do the coding for you? Do you have other website projects? If so let us know and we’d be happy to provide you a quote for any of your projects!

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